I used to let life slide by, never really doing anything. However, as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate the reward of accomplishment. I’ve also learned life is a string of experiences. If you don’t experience anything, you don’t have much of a life. If you don’t get out and do stuff, you won’t have any experiences.

I believe it is important to fill my life with adventures. To be an adventure, an experience does not have to be adrenaline filled, or “on the edge of death” like skydiving. On the other hand, it must have some impact on your life. Even if it’s just sitting peacefully on a hill observing the ocean, if it affects you in some way, I classify it as an adventure. If an experience teaches you something, especially if it’s something about yourself, or it provides you a sense of accomplishment, it’s an adventure in my book. With each adventure, I understand a little more about the capabilities of the human mind and body and of what I am capable. That knowledge and the memories of my adventures enrich my life.

I have created this site in the hope of inspiring people to get out and be adventurous. If just one person experiences something new because of this site, all the work I have put into it will have been justified. (Many have written to me to let me know that has happened. I’d love to continue receiving those emails!)

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