Belief in Your Mind and Body

Belief is one of our most powerful assets. With belief in your ability you can accomplish nearly anything. I am not suggesting you could believe in your ability to fly and therefore survive jumping off a tall building. However, the more you believe in yourself, the more you can accomplish. Given enough time to practice and a good coach, do you think you could jump over a wall almost as tall as yourself without touching it? If you say no, then you would be unable. If you say yes, then you would be able. It’s as simple as that. When we are faced with situations that are near physical or mental impossibility then it is our belief in ourselves that determines if it is possible.

Our minds and bodies are stronger and more complex than most people think. We are capable of much more. I not a very physical person, I am slightly over weight (~10 pounds), my lungs and circulation aren’t the best, and I’m not the strongest man. I don’t tend to break any physical records. However, one of the fastest ways to get me to do something physical or intellectual is to tell me it is impossible. I love to prove that anything is possible. Doing so causes people to think and to redefine the limits they place on their own ability.

Learning to believe in your ability is a hard job that never ends, but it does get easier with time. At first you need to start pushing yourself. Attempt things you believe are just outside your ability. If you believe you can break through your limits and you are willing to put in the effort and time, you will succeed. As you succeed, your confidence will start to grow. The trick is that every time you reach what you believe is your limit, remind yourself that you can do more. Always assume you can go beyond what you have already accomplished. One of the great things about expanding your limits is that things that used to be impossible can now be part of your normal, everyday life.

By building your belief in your abilities, nothing should be outside your grasp. If you want to skydive, fly a plane, trade stocks, buy a house, lose weight, or whatever it is simply a matter of building up to it. You can accomplish anything in your life as long as you believe in your ability and are willing to put in the effort for however long it takes.


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I'm just a guy who enjoys living life and hopes to inspires others to do so as well. I'm a father of two, husband, and software engineer.

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