First Jet Jump

I jumped the jet at Quincy on Sunday August 10th 1997!!!

Here’s my story: No sh–, there I was, thought I was going to die!!!! (hehehehehe) Seriously though, Since only one load got off the ground on Saturday and I was scheduled for the third load of Sunday. So I did what every other skydiver would do, I LURKED THE JET, and I got on the first load!!!!!!! So there I was sitting in front of a friend of mine, kinda nervous, well o.k., scared sh–less like on my first skydive, and I was hooting and hollering with everyone else. Then it came time, “…rows four and five stand up”!! Oh boy the moment has come. Very nervous and anxious now. Then the lights started to blink….GO GO GO GO GO!!! All I could think as I got closer and closer to the tailgate was … o.k. dummy just think of this as an oversized CASA. Oh boy, there’s the tail, wow look at the sky, my foot stepped onto the ramp, no turning back now….. sssccchhhuuummmmppp, holy sh–, it sucks you out!!!!! Hey check this out, I am stable, so I turn around and watch the plane go away. Damn, what a sight to see. Well someone had told me that from the speed and air currents generated from the jet, you can actually track up, so I did it!!! Cool feeling I must say!!! Well, I was one of the lucky ones who exited right over top of runway, so I yelled and hollered the whole way to the ground!!!! I LOVE YOU QUINCY!!!!! See ya next year!!

Submitted by Kier Williams

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